Law Enforcement Video Training

Sawabini & Associates, LLC

What kinds of agencies are sending members to our Video Surveillance Classes this summer?

Well here is a sampling of the federal, state, regional and local agencies:c-300Long_lense

The Adams County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office

The Arlington, Washington Police Department

The Bay Area Rapid Transit Police (BART)

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife

The California EPA

The California Highway Patrol

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

DHS-Homeland Security Investigations


FBI Gang Task Force Sacramento, California

The Jefferson County (Colorado) County Sheriff’s Office

U.S. Postal Inspection Service

U.S. Secret Service (Despite the fact that it is an election year!)

The San Francisco Police Department

The Skokomish Tribal Police

The Unified Police Department (Salt Lake, Utah)

The Utah Highway Patrol

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

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