Law Enforcement Video Training

Sawabini & Associates, LLC

What Does Your Video Surveillance Class Cover?

This is a frequent question from those looking to register for the class.

The course teaches participants how to shoot evidence grade surveillance video using readily available, inexpensive equipment. We begin by using camcorders. Many participants are amazed at what today’s High Definition and 4 K camcorders can capture. It is said that about 75% ofAmerican Law Enforcement Agencies have 50 or fewer members. Camcorders are a flexible tool. They can be used for surveillance one day, videoing a crime scene the next day and documenting an accident on the third day.

Participants learn how to video in low light and no light using IR. The class covers how record silent video and when appropriate, the proper use of microphones.

The course mixes classroom lectures with hands-on exercises. Participants are urged to drive an unmarked vehicle to the class.

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