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The Forensic Crime Scene World has lost a Friend and Pioneer.


Mr. Paul Baker (Left) and Mr Robert Baker(Right) shown is a company photo. Robert Baker, who pioneered the use of Alternate Light Sources, died April 1st.

Mr. Robert “Bob” Baker, generally considered the “Father” of Alternate Light Sources (ALS) died April 1, 2016.

Mr. Baker owned Ion Trace, a Canadian company, which was known as Payton Scientific in the United States. Baker conducted pioneering work in the field of Alternate Light source technology. He was the inventor of the Payton Scientific Luma Lite™ ALS which is used in all our Video Camcorder Techniques for Crime Scenes© courses. Robert Baker was always willing to share his knowledge and passion for the use of light energy.   His work will be carried on by his son Paul Baker.   Sawabini & Associates LLC extends our condolences to the Baker Family.

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