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Need a Dependable Crime Scene Ruler? Consider a Surveyor’s Rod

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Keson® Pocket Rod Combination Builder’s Rod & Surveyor’s Pole with Red lettering

Shooting Crime Scene Video is a great way to document evidence.  You need a camcorder, battery, digital media or video tape, a tripod or monopod, a knockout plug and some rulers.  Crime scene rulers can be expensive.  Some plastic rulers  do not survive very long. About 15 years ago one of our students gave me a Keson Pocket Rod.  It has proven to be the most useful ruler I own. The 6-1/2 foot vertical reading steel blade retracts into the case like a carpenter’s tape.  It has large numbers on both sides.  Model PR610 is marked with feet & 10ths, while model PR618 is marked in feet and inches.  What is unique about this tool is the rod can be pulled completely out of the case.  It is rigid enough to stand up next to a wall or a car.  The Pocket Rod features a glare-free coating which makes it easy to use in all kinds of light.

Decontamination is a snap using a water bleach solution. For those who need a metric model look for model PRM2M.


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