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GPS Receiver Helps Pinpoint your Exact Surveillance Location

Canon’s GP-E2 adds GPS information to both Video and Stills

 The GP-E2 Canon Receiver is powered by a Double A battery and is linked to either a camcorder or SLR by a cable.  Red LED lights indicate when the unit has acquired a signal and battery strength.  For those who do not want to use a camera mount there is a small carrying case and a longer cable for mounting the receiver on a camera strap.  We tested the unit mounted on a Canon XA-35 Camcorder with the top handle removed.  (Note the cable was long enough to be used with the top handle for those who have both GPS info and professional audio connections.)
In playback mode the camcorder provided the exact GPS information for each scene shot.  The coordinates above are near Stowe, Vermont.

I am very impressed by the GP-E2 and recommend it for any surveillance operation whether in an urban area or on the Southwest border.   One note: carry extra batteries as it quickly burns through a Double A battery.

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