Law Enforcement Video Training

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Evidence Grade SD Cards Designed for Law Enforcement

DELKIN_LE FrontThose who have attended our classes have heard me extol the virtues of the SD cards made by Delkin Devices in Poway, California.


Now the company has come to the market with SD cards designed especially for Law Enforcement! Each card comes with a serial number and a write-in label with officer name, date and case number. Delkin says the cards “ are built with a locked list of components, guaranteeing in-field performance and compatibility with police issued cameras over time.”


Participants in this week’s class have been testing the cards and have been favorably impressed the quality, the serial numbers and the labels. The cards are available in


For the moment those wanting to buy these Law Enforcement SD cards are advised to call Mr. Scott Clark at Delkin. Call him at 800-637-8087.

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