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Canon Adds New Model to XA-Line


Top View Canon XA-20 Camcorder- Handle removed

First came the Canon XA-10.  It broke new ground by offering an IR feature and removable professional audio connectors.  Next, Canon introduced the XA-20 with a bigger zoom lens, a much improved digital zoom and the ability to connect with the camcorder through WiFi. Now there is the XA-30.

This latest version is said to record better video in low light.

A number of law enforcement agencies have purchased the XA-20 and are very pleased with the results. The list includes the Berkeley, California Police Department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs in North Carolina, the Cincinnati Police Department, the Methuen Police Department in Massachusetts, and the New York City’s Office of Inspector General.


XA-20 with Removable Handle that includes Directional Mic Holder & Pro Audio Connections (Not shown as they are on the left side of the handle.)

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