Host a Law Enforcement Video Course

Law Enforcement Video LLC is proud to deliver training where it is needed most. 

Our core courses (Video Techniques for Surveillance, Video Techniques for Crime Scenes, and Video Techniques for Jails and Correctional Facilities) are regularly conducted throughout North America. We have also delivered customized presentations to numerous conferences, and we have tailored agency-specific and camera-specific classes to audiences across the world. 

What we provide:

  • Textbooks, name tents, notepads, pens, and other course supplies to all attendees
  • Enough camcorders, covert cameras, microphones, lights, and other course equipment for all students to complete every practical exercise (typically in teams of two)
  • Registration and payment through our website (unless you request otherwise)
  • All materials needed for you to submit the course for continuing education credits (if applicable)
  • Two FREE seats for your agency as long as the minimum paid registrations are received (typically 12 students)
  • A third FREE seat if the course reaches 18 paid registrations
  • A fourth FREE seat if the course reaches 24 paid registrations
What you provide:
  • A classroom or training space that meets the course specific requirements (see below for the Video Techniques course requirements)
  • Help announcing the course to other agencies and associations

If you are interested in hosting a Law Enforcement Video course, please complete the following form.

Course Hosting Information

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  • Comfortable tables and chairs for 30 students
  • Publicly accessible parking for students
  • 2-3 additional tables with power access for cameras and other course equipment
  • Projector/screen/speaker or large TV monitor

What is the name and full address of the building where the class would be held?
Have you already secured funding for this course?

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  • Public Registration: the course will be visible on this website, and any eligible student may register
  • Private Registration: you will control access to the course registration link

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