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Introduction to Video for Investigators

Introduction to Video for Investigators


Video is the most powerful form of evidence!

This course is the foundation of a series of live virtual training programs offered by Law Enforcement Video LLC. Participants will learn about the power of video as a source of evidence, the fundamentals of shooting evidence-grade video, and how to choose the right video equipment for investigative work. The skills in this class can be used right away and can be expanded upon by our other virtual and in-person courses.


This course is ideal for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals, Military Investigators, Fish Game and Wildlife Enforcement, Jail and Correctional Facility Employees, School and Campus Security Professionals, and Independent Investigators.

  • Basics of Video Files
  • The Power of Video Evidence
  • Video Cameras as Evidence Collection Tools
  • Types of Video Cameras
  • Camcorders vs Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras
  • Parts and Features of Video Camcorders
  • The Elements of Video Continuity
  • Controlled/Uncontrolled Action
  • Establishing Location of Investigative Video
  • Manual Focus (Deep Focus)
  • Manual Focus (Macro Focus)

There is NO COST to attend this live virtual training program.

This event is offered on the following dates

Introduction to Video for Investigators
Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 2pm-4pm (Eastern) 1pm-3pm (Central) 12pm-2pm (Mountain) 11am-1pm (Pacific), 10am-12pm (Alaska)
Online, Zoom Virtual Classroom
There is NO COST to attend this online course!