"I had no idea you could use a camcorder to do so many things! I can't wait to get back to work and shoot video."
     - Special Agent, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation

"I have been shooting video for 11 years and never liked the results. Now I know why ... I wasn't shooting using manual focus. Thanks for a great class!"
     - Attendee at RCTA Class in Shreveport, LA

"I just finished the 3-day video surveillance course and would highly recommend this course to other SOG and SSG personnel, as well as any squads that frequently conduct their own surveillance and have access to camcorders."
     - Special Agent FBI

"I truly enjoyed the training. As I said; your class was one of the best I have ever taken in my almost 40 year career. It is a tool I will definitely use, which will assist me in resolving some cases."
     - Maine State Fire Marshal

"Thank you for the excellent training class in Littleton CO. I was really impressed with your professionalism and dedication to teaching law enforcement proper video techniques I learned safer and better ways to use video for any of our departments needs. Great class!"
     - Colorado Parks and Wildlife

"Last night we did surveillance and I recorded our target getting out of a car registered to his girlfriend. He spoke to our under cover and they made an agreement to meet again next week. I showed the video to other Agents and sure as crap our Target is a Cartel member that DEA was looking for. It was cool that the state did something the Feds were trying to do. Thank you again for the class, it was great!"
     - Texas DPS Narcotics

"I'm retired now from my 26 year career as a deputy sheriff/crime scene investigator. You made me so professional I once got thrown off my own crime scene because a State Official thought I was with the press. I used your techniques all through my career and reflect back as one of the best classes I ever took. You taught my class in January 1999 and steered us toward a dynamic video overhaul. My agency and of course the State Attorney's Office is still benefiting from your training after all these years. Thanks for your commitment."
     - Retired Florida Crime Scene Investigator

"You have a very wonderful practical class, and I like seeing the students get so involved and interested. I have been teaching for over 30 years and I can really read the students. It is also fantastic your remembering their names. I just cannot do that, I just don't have that talent. It makes it so personal and they love it and does not really dawn on them what an effort that takes."
     - Chicago Police Department Training Unit

"That was one of the best classes I have ever attended. You are a great instructor who obviously enjoys what he does. You brought interest and entertainment to what could have been a dull subject. I really learned a lot and it has proven to be a great tool."
     - Organized Crime Division Detective, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

"We have been using your method of videotaping scenes with great success. We shot video of a pedophile’s apartment which led to his conviction and sentence of up to 40 years for possession of Child Pornography. The video may be used in a statewide in-service course for police officers responding to child abuse cases. Thanks again."
     - Detective - Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office

"Several years ago a few of us from Lakeville (MN) PD Crime Scene Unit attended your course at the Minnesota BCA – still ranks as the best hands-on crime scene documentation course we’ve attended thus far!"
     - Crime Scene Detective - Lakeville, MN Police Department

"A BIG TEXAS COWBOY HAT off to you for the excellent class you put on last week in Irving. Folks ‘round here are about ready for me to shut up about it because I’ve been talking about how great the class was and all I learned all day long. Again, AWESOME class, it’s already making me a better cop!"
     - Narcotics Detective - Dallas Texas

"First of all....best 3-day school I've ever been to! No joke, I learned a lot and enjoyed it too. Thank you again for your time and expertise; I will definitely recommend your school to my colleagues and supervisors."
     - Deputy Harris County SO, Houston Texas

"As soon as I saw this ( a flyer for the class at Northern California HIDTA) I told everyone on my shift they need to attend this training. At least two will be putting in for it from the CHP’s Oakland office and hopefully a few more from Sacramento.Thank you, this was one of the best training courses I have attended."
     - CHP Computer Crimes Unit

"First off, I want to let you know that I really enjoyed your class. I can't wait to incorporate video into my cases. You know i already shoot digital stills, but i cant wait to get into some video now. Also, I just ordered 2 new batteries and charger for my video camera with the 800x digital zoom. I will get some video and send it to you as soon as my order gets to my door. Thanks again for everything you taught us and equipment you let us use."
     - US Border Patrol Agent

"Your class was amazing and I've since informed our training staff this would be a great class for others to attend in the future. Again, many thanks for taking the time."
- SIU Detective - North Carolina

"I’d like to thank you for such a great class this week. Your knowledge of the camera and its components are incredible; but it’s your style and delivery that really made the class enjoyable. You sure know how to tell a story and captivate your audience for three days. I hope you can beat the Texas heat and have a safe travel home."
     - Detective Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Austin, TX

"Our Agency has sent numerous detectives and command level staff to your training courses. We highly recommend your training to each of our investigators and consider it to be mandatory training for crime scenes."
     - From a Lt. at a Utah Police Department

"I took your Video Surveillance for Narcotics Investigations class in Newtown, PA from 9/11/18 to 9/13/18. First of all, I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. The hands on training made it fun and easy to learn."
     - Detective, Lower Providence Township Police, Eagleville, PA

"Hey Wadi,
First, thank you for putting on the webinar class and being willing to overcome the hand we were dealt with the COVID saga, and still getting us the information to help us in our work.
I wanted to quickly say that after the second day’s class I went and found an older camcorder in our supply that no one uses, probably didn’t know existed, and took it out to do surveillance on a target. When doing so, I was pretty impressed with its zoom capabilities and clarity.
I also used one of my favorite tactics, and that’s facing away from the target location, and utilizing my mirrors to do the surveillance. This worked PERFECT with the camcorder, and I was able to observe the target conducting criminal activity.
Again, thanks very much for still putting this class on with the difficulties we currently face in the inability to have in person classes."
     - A South Carolina Drug Investigator