Student Testimonials

These are just a handful of the comments and success stories that we and our training host agencies have received about our hands-on Video Surveillance Techniques and Video Techniques for Crime Scenes courses.

"Instructor Chris Knowles is extremely knowledgeable in the field of video surveillance and camera work. This course was excellent. Use of real equipment available to student is unparalleled by any training I have ever been in."

- Narcotics Detective, New Jersey


"The practical apps were amazing. This was far one of the best training courses that I have participated in in the 20 years I have been in law enforcement. The instructor was knowledgeable beyond belief. He took the time to explain in detail the history and current methods of surveillance. He took the time to answer questions to enable learning."

- Drug Task Force Supervisor, Indiana


"This course was incredibly helpful to myself as a veteran investigator as well as the beginner. I wish that this particular course was taught with the same quality of practical exercises to officers in the initial stages of their training.

This training has the potential to impact the load that our courts feel by improving the quality of evidence collection hopefully leading to a reduction in the cases that are argued due to poor evidence collection despite the known guilt of the offender."

- Detective, County Sheriff's Office, Tennessee


"I learned so much about the capability of video cameras. I also learned that great surveillance video can be obtained even from a significant distance. My confidence level in recording video surveillance was greatly improved by attending this class."

- Narcotics Detective, Iowa


"My unit conducts surveillance on a daily basis of local drug houses and this training directly impacted that part of my job."

- Task Force Officer, Vermont


"I love taking trainings like this from non law enforcement personnel because it's never three days of war stories. Keep using Chris and this program it was second to none as far as technical information and hands on learning.

I made a ton of connections, specifically with Federal partners, in this class. A few I have worked cases with and have never met in person and others I met for the first time.

Thanks again!"

- State-Level Investigator, Missouri


"Applied knowledge of digital zoom to a case that involved shooting video from .5 a mile away. Was able to get good footage of an illegal dumping operation."

- Federal Investigator, New York


"Last night we did surveillance and I recorded our target getting out of a car registered to his girlfriend. He spoke to our undercover and they made an agreement to meet again next week. I showed the video to other Agents and sure as crap our Target is a Cartel member that DEA was looking for.

It was cool that the state did something the Feds were trying to do. Thank you again for the class, it was great!"

- Narcotics Supervisor, Texas DPS


"We have been using your method of videotaping scenes with great success. We shot video of a pedophile’s apartment which led to his conviction and sentence of up to 40 years for possession of Child Pornography. The video may be used in a statewide in-service course for police officers responding to child abuse cases. Thanks again."

- Detective, County District Attorney's Office, Pennsylvannia


"I’d like to thank you for such a great class this week. Your knowledge of the camera and its components are incredible; but it’s your style and delivery that really made the class enjoyable. You sure know how to tell a story and captivate your audience for three days. I hope you can beat the Texas heat and have a safe travel home."

- Detective, Sheriff's Office, Texas


"Hey Wadi,

First, thank you for putting on the webinar class and being willing to overcome the hand we were dealt with the COVID saga, and still getting us the information to help us in our work.

I wanted to quickly say that after the second day’s class I went and found an older camcorder in our supply that no one uses, probably didn’t know existed, and took it out to do surveillance on a target. When doing so, I was pretty impressed with its zoom capabilities and clarity.

I also used one of my favorite tactics, and that’s facing away from the target location, and utilizing my mirrors to do the surveillance. This worked PERFECT with the camcorder, and I was able to observe the target conducting criminal activity.

Again, thanks very much for still putting this class on with the difficulties we currently face in the inability to have in person classes."

- Narcotics Investigator, South Carolina


"I'm retired now from my 26 year career as a deputy sheriff/crime scene investigator. You made me look so professional I once got thrown off my own crime scene because a State Official thought I was with the press!

I used your techniques all through my career and reflect back as one of the best classes I ever took. You taught my class in January 1999 and steered us toward a dynamic video overhaul. My agency and of course the State Attorney's Office is still benefiting from your training after all these years.

Thanks for your commitment."

- Retired Crime Scene Investigator, Florida